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Lucie Rie and the paradox of Schrödinger’s pot

I don’t like pots. I just like some pots.  Lucie Rie The pots speak for themselves, but the intellectual side of Lucie is sometimes overlooked.  She preferred simple ideas and simple and spare explanations provoking some to see her as a simpleton. Her eye was not the only part of her that was first class. Lucie listened well, responded with few words and with wit. When asked what she did the day the Germans entered Vienna, she replied; “I read Gone with the Wind”.  When explaining her appreciation of English society, she said “I am so grateful to Hitler”…I dropped by to see Lucie one afternoon after dining with Prof. RM Dalitz, FRS.  “Ian, you seem very pleased with yourself”.  “Perhaps so” I...

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Matthias Kaiser - some of his newer artworks

Sono arrivate le opere di Matthias Kaiser!! Fra una mostra a NY, la settimana del design di Londra, altre mostre in Europa, le ordinazioni dai galleristi, è riuscito comunque a creare questi pezzi speciali che abbiamo aspettato per tanti mesi! Quando ho aperto il pacco, mi sono quasi commossa. Sono incredibilmente belli, hanno caratteri forti e altrettanto forti presenze. Let us treat you to Matthias Kaiser’s art. Despite an exhibition in New York, his presence at the London design week, other exhibitions across Europe, and the demands of art dealers, Matthias has managed to create these special pieces that we have been waiting for so long (months)! When I opened the package, I was almost moved. They are incredibly beautiful,...

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"Cracked slip vase" by Matthias Kaiser

Opera d'arte + oggetto d'uso + emozione. Questa è l'essenza delle opere di Matthias Kaiser. Tutte le sue creazioni sono adatte a un uso alimentare. Anche questo vaso potrebbe essere usato come caraffa. Cracked slip vase è una delle creazioni simboliche di Matthias. Lo troverete nelle gallerie d'arte e sulle varie riviste internazionali di design. Art + everyday object + emotion. This is how we could describe the essence of Matthias Kaiser's artworks. You could eat food out of all his creations. It's completely safe. For instance, this vessel could be used as a pitcher. This cracked slip vase is one of the symbolic creations of Matthias. His works are exhibited in galleries and displayed on magazines.

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